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Giant Mountains - Žacléř

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It is not an overstatement to say that the sun rises over the Giant Mountains right above the town of Žacléř, as it is the easternmost place of and an eastern gate to the highest mountain area of the Czech Republic.

Žacléř is divided into five cadastral territories that used to form independent communities in history:
Žacléř, Bobr, Prkenný Důl, Rýchory (including Vízov), and Černá Voda have created a homogeneous whole for several decades, thus making a unique and geographical formation.

The entire area of the Žacléřsko micro-region is interwoven with newly marked cycling trails. Žacléř offers modern sport premises including tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball grounds. In winter, cross-country skiers run across the Giant Mountains trunk track right above the town.

Downhill skiers can enjoy tracks maintained with artificial snow in two winter resorts located in Prkenný Důl. They can choose from five ski lifts.


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