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Detailed information
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Sightseeing flights
Allow yourself great viewing pleasure of the beauty of our country from a bird’s eye perspective.
Sightseeing flights above the Krkonoše Mountains, the Czech Paradise and nearby surroundings are an unrepeatable and unforgettable experience.

We fly daily from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM with aeroplanes for 1, 3 or 4 persons.
Sightseeing flights even in winter with an aircraft on skis!
Flight tickets may be sent by cash on delivery mail order.
Orders on the below-stated number or on our e-mail address.
It is necessary to state your postal address on the order and the names, as well as the addresses of the gift receivers (joy flight participants).

Pilot training
The flight school was founded in the year 1949 as a school for glider pilots. It can be found on the foot of the Krkonoše Mountains, at the airfield LKVR and at the present time we offer flight-training programmes according to the EU regulations.
Throughout the time of its activity, this flight school has raised hundreds of sports aviation pilots, also among which were our representatives in gliding as well as aerobatics.
We also provide flight training for foreign pilots.
Many of our graduates are currently pilots of military aircraft or large commercial transport aircraft.
In the year 1984, the school was awarded a diploma for its activity from the International Flight Federation FAI.

Flight training performed
Private pilot (aircraft)
Commercial pilot (aircraft)
Glider pilot
Aerobatics – higher-grade as well as advanced piloting technique
MEP qualification – multi-engine aircraft
Instructor for powered flight as well as gliding
Aero-towing qualification
AFIS qualification

For the beginners, we recommend
GLD – basic glider pilot training. Performed on the L13 Blaník glider according to the AKPL syllabus.
The resulting price is given by the overall number of hours and a number of aero-towing services necessary to fulfil the requirements for the issuing of a licence. (Approx 20,000,– to 40,000,– CZK)

TMG – basic pilot training for motorized gliders.
Performed on the motorized glider L 13 SW Vivat according to the AKPL syllabus. 13:45 flight hours are included in the price that are stipulated by the syllabus, as well as ground preparation, pre-flight and post-flight briefings, documentation management and theory lessons. (Price 35.000,– CZK)

Aircraft hire
for the holders of a pilot’s licence


Other activities:
Accommodation in the Flight School building more »

Contacts and address

phone:+ 420499421292, ,

fax:+ 420499422179

e-mail: info@lkvr.cz »

web: www.lkvr.cz/cz/info.htm »

address: P. O. BOX 49, 54311, Vrchlabí

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Krkonoše Giant Mountains Riesengebirge Karkonosze
Destinační společnost Krkonoše s.r.o.

Destinační společnost Krkonoše s.r.o.
Krkonoše s.r.o.
Horní Kout 647
512 44 Rokytnice nad Jizerou
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dič: CZ27471837